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About Us

OmniAero, LLC was founded in Midland, Texas in May of 2012 by pilots to enhance the quality and efficiency of services in the aviation industry. Our mission is to provide quality services at affordable prices to better meet the needs of our clients. OmniAero has gathered the best aircraft and equipment in the Midland/Odessa area to better serve the needs of our customers.

Safety is #1 at OmniAero. We strive to be the safest company by having the best maintenance program in the Midland/Odessa area and providing our clients with highly trained pilots and the best equipment available. Our pilots attend quarterly safety training and biannual recurrent training in all aircraft currently being flown. So when it comes to your choice in aviation choose OmniAero because at OmniAero your safety is our top priority. 


Ty Mackey

President & Director of Operations

Ty Mackey founded OmniAero in 2012 to better serve the Midland/Odessa Area. Ty oversees the day-to-day operations and all public relations for OmniAero. Ty brings over 2,000 hours of flight experience to OmniAero.


Tony Mackey

Director of Maintenance 

Tony Mackey joined the OmniAero team in 2013. Tony ensures that all of OmniAero's safety procedures are enforced and all of the aircrafts maintenance is complied with and up to date. 


Debbie Mackey 

Director of Finance & Human Resources

Debbie Mackey joined the OmniAero team in 2013. Debbie brings over 38 years of H.R. experience to OmniAero.


Eric Horton 

Director of Safety & Chief Pilot

Eric Horton joined the OmniAero team in 2012. Eric brings over 5,500 hour of flight experience to OmniAero.





Michael Rech

Pilot & Ground Instructor

Michael Rech joined the OmniAero team in 2013. Michael brings over 2,000 hours of flight experience to OmniAero. 






Mario Balcazar 

Pilot & Flight Instructor

Mario Balcazar joined the OmniAero team in 2014. 


Ian McLellan

Intern Pilot 

Ian McLellan joined the OmniAero team in 2014.